About Our Restaurant

About Bakenroll Sushi Restaurant

Bake&Roll Sushi Bar is a professional sushi delivery service in Baku since 2015.

We offer sushi, noodles, salads and snacks from high quality products.

Back in 2015, sushi was an expensive treat for Baku, but we changed it by making Japanese food available to everyone. We prepare Japanese and Chinese food for take-away, which allows us to reduce unnecessary costs and ensure high quality at a reasonable price. Thanks to this strategy, we have become not only an important player in the local market, but also an inseparable part of people's lives.

In less than 3 years, we have expanded the scope of delivery to the whole city. Rapid growth was the result of our hard work, attention to detail and customer care. 

Our products are a guarantee of quality, difference and a source of pride. We constantly work on new dishes, 90% of which are created according to special recipes. They are original, diverse, and do not confuse with incomprehensible names or ingredients. Our dishes are designed for local consumers, but they preserve the zest of Japanese in European cuisine. 

Our team is a team where everyone supports his colleague and everyone strives for a single goal. We follow common values and rules, encourage hard work and help our employees develop together with us. We train and grow our professionals. 

These principles help us stay at the proper level and strive for new heights.